Community Chest Spotlight: Blue Monarch

This week we shine the spotlight on the Blue Monarch.

Blue Monarch is a one to two-year residential program where women can overcome abuse, unhealthy choices, and emotional wounds while restoring family bonds and independence. The goal is to break the cycle of drug and sexual abuse, and change the life of the child by changing the life of the mother. Blue Monarch began in 2003 and has helped more than 500 women and children in 32 Tennessee counties.

Blue Monarch is requesting $2,500 to help with the Effective Parenting and Reunification Program. This program helps women learn how to effectively parent their children as a sober parent. The program removes children from foster care or the homes of grandparents and family members, and places them back with their mothers who have become better equipped to parent their children. Through this program, mothers are helped with custody issues in the court system and given hands on coaching for specific parenting challenges. The program also seeks appropriate resources for each child’s needs. Through this program Blue Monarch strives to create a stable and loving environment that allows each family the freedom to recover, heal and thrive.

Blue Monarch is entirely supported through private charitable contributions from individuals, foundations, churches, fundraisers, and civic organizations. Expenses for one month total approximately $22,000, which includes salaries, insurance, utilities, and resident care.

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