Community Chest Spotlight: Sewanee Children’s Center

This week we shine the spotlight on the Sewanee Children’s Center.

The Sewanee Children’s Center (SCC) began in 1949. The SCC provides a high-quality preschool and after-school program to the youngest members of Sewanee and the surrounding communities of Franklin, Marion, and Grundy counties. SCC currently serves 45 children in both pre-school and after-school care. The SCC serves more than 50 families in the local communities, and employs nine people.

The SCC is requesting $9,000 to fund their scholarship account. The SCC is also requesting another $3,000 for general operations.

The SCC has a long history of offering tuition assistance to families in need. These funds allow SCC to serve families that meet income eligibility guidelines. Often these children have the most to gain from access to high quality early childhood education services, but their families are not able to afford the care without financial assistance. The Community Chest funding of this program reaches many in the local community, including children and families most in need.

The $3,000 general operations money request will be used for upgrades to the facilities at Otey. The money will be used to get the facilities up to code for DHS and to provide a safe environment for children and employees both inside and on the playground. The playground needs significant work this year.

The SCC does get money from tuition fees and other donations. Yearly expenses for the SCC total more than $169,000. The biggest expenses are in payroll, operating expenses and classroom supplies. Funding from the Community Chest is approximately six percent of the SCC’s total income.

Since 1908, the goal of the Sewanee Community Chest has been to help citizens by funding the community. The Community Chest is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and donations are tax-deductible. Send your donation to Sewanee Community Chest, P.O. Box 99, Sewanee, TN 37375.

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