Animal Alliance Helps Sewanee-Area Pet Owners

In an ongoing effort to help control overpopulation of unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats across the Plateau, Animal Alliance-South Cumberland (AASC) has money available to help low-income pet owners who live in the Sewanee area “fix” their pets, thanks to the Sewanee Community Chest.

If you live in Franklin County on the Mountain and have a dog or cat who is 8 weeks to 8 years of age, be a part of the solution to help end the tragedy of “oops litters” that nobody planned and nobody wants. With a $14 co-pay, the dog or cat gets fixed and gets a free rabies vaccination, if needed, improving the health of your pet.

For more information call (931) 235-9006 and ask about this $14 spay or neuter special. If you have a lot of pets and can’t afford $14 for each, just let us know you need extra help.
Leave a message, and one of our volunteers will call to set up an appointment.

For the purpose of this grant, low income is defined as a recipient of Social Security as the sole source of income; on Medicaid, or on food stamps, SSI, or other government income assistance program; or have a total household income of less than $35,000 per year.
Thanks to the Sewanee Community Chest for this funding to help low-income pet owners spay/neuter their pets.