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The 2016–17 Sewanee Community Chest (SCC) Fund Drive is underway. Sponsored by the Sewanee Civic Association, the SCC raises money yearly for local charitable organizations serving the area. This year’s goal is $116,850.

Folks at Home (F@H) began as a grassroots project, sponsored by Otey Memorial Parish. In 2010, the organization began its first full year of operation. F@H is a local nonprofit organization developed for and dedicated to assisting its members in continuing a dignified and comfortable lifestyle in the community through coordination of services they need during elder years. Anyone of any age is invited to participate. In 2015, F@H provided more than 2,500 services to 145 people including transportation, home visits, consultations, care and service coordination, information and referrals, as well as the pro bono Equipment Exchange of accessibility items. F@H provides services at no cost to the recipients. In addition to the 57 annual subscribing members, F@H provided pro bono services to more than 61 individuals and numerous groups and organizations. The number of pro bono clients who received services is an indication of the tremendous need for these services.

F@H will receive $5,000 from the Sewanee Community Chest. This grant will be used to help fund the pro bono direct client services, which range from F@H staff providing educational information and referrals to in-home visits and task assistance by a volunteer student or community member, to transportation to an event or health appointment, to paid staff having indepth meetings with families facing illness, surgery, end-of-life and transitions. Revenue is generated through donations from individuals and grantors, as well as membership dues. In 2015, donations comprised 75 percent of the revenue, with 62 percent from individual donors. In 2016, revenue came from annual membership fees, individual donations, rental income, and grants from the Sewanee Community Chest, Dodd Endowment, Shield-Ayres Foundation and the South Cumberland Community Fund. For more information about F@H, contact director Kathleen O’Donohue at

Since 1908, the goal of the SCC has been to help citizens by funding the community. Through SCC funding, 26 local organizations can help those caught in the cycle of poverty, improve quality of life through outreach and community initiatives, and provide support for children with a variety of programs. The SCC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and donations are tax-deductible. Send your donation to Sewanee Community Chest, P.O. Box 99, Sewanee, TN 37375.

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