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Since 1908, the goal of the Sewanee Community Chest (SCC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is to help citizens by funding the community. This year, through SCC funding, 25 local organizations will help those caught in the cycle of poverty, improve lives through outreach and community initiatives, and provide support for underprivileged children with a variety of programs in Franklin, Grundy, and Marion counties. This year’s goal is $100,000. To date, 66 percent has been donated.

For a majority of the area programs and initiatives, 20 percent or more of the SCC funds are used to maintain their yearly budgets. A majority of the funding is used to help low-income families. Some organizations would not exist without continued SCC support.

You can help: $25 will help to spay/neuter one animal through the Franklin County Humane Society program; $50 will help to buy camping gear for two Scouts; $75 will help pay one month of maintenance expenses for the Sewanee Community Center; $100 will help defray the cost of fireworks for the annual Fourth of July celebration; $250 will help to pay for a scholarship at the Children’s Center; $500 will help five Tigershark swimmers with registration fees; and $1,000 will help to pay for Sewanee Elementary teachers’ professional development.

If you have not done so, donate to the Sewanee Community Chest today. Your donation does matter and helps to keep the community strong and vital.

Send your donation to Sewanee Community Chest, P.O. Box 99, Sewanee, TN 37375. Pledges, payroll deductions, and donations made in honor of, or in memory of a loved one are also encouraged. Donations through PayPal are also accepted.

To make a tax-deductible donation this year to the Community Chest, your envelope needs to be postmarked by Wednesday, December 31.

Your donation supports these community organizations:

DESIGNATION                     NAME                                        Approved 2015-16

Beyond Sewanee               Franklin County Humane Society     $3,000.00

Beyond Sewanee               Mt. Goat Trail Alliance                          $3,000.00

Beyond Sewanee               Blue Monarch                                          $1,000.00

Children                              Boy Scout Troop 14                                    $300.00

Children                             Sewanee Children’s Center                 $9,000.00

Children                             Cub Scout Pack 152                                   $600.00

Children                            Girl Scout Troop 2107                                $200.00

Children                             Girls Scout Troop 621                                $200.00

Children                              Sewanee Elementary PO                  $20,000.00

Children                              Cowan Little League                              $4,500.00

Children                                TigerSharks Swim Team                          $500.00

Community Aid                  Community Action Committee        $10,400.00

Community Aid                  Folks at Home                                         $5,000.00

Community Aid                  Housing Sewanee                                  $5,000.00

Community Aid                  Volunteers in Medicine                            $750.00

Community Aid                  St. Mark’s Community Center               $700.00

Quality of Life                     Phil White Dog Park                                   $600.00

Quality of Life                      Fourth of July Celebration                    $4,000.00

Quality of Life                      Senior Citizen’s Center                        $12,000.00

Quality of Life                      Sewanee Angel Park                             $1,500.00

Quality of Life                      Sewanee Chorale                                       $750.00

Quality of Life                      Sewanee Community Center             $2,500.00

Quality of Life                      Sewanee Mountain Messenger     $12,000.00

Quality of Life                      Thurmond Memorial Library                  $500.00

Quality of Life                      SCA For the Parks                                   $2,000.00

TOTAL:                                                                                                    $100,000.00


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