FAQ and Technical Support

FAQ and Common Technical Support Issues

This page is to help in resolving common questions and support issues. If you have a question that is not covered by this listing please feel free to send it to [email protected].

How do I join the Classifieds or renew my subscription?

You can see specifics on our page dedicated to this question here. Here is the information directly:

1.) Using the PayPal link below, please note the email address you want to use (or do use) for Classifieds in the Comment space:

2.) By sending a check to the following address. Please be sure to note the email address you wish to receive (or do receive) Classifieds on in the note field of the check:
Sewanee Civic Association
PO Box 222
Sewanee, TN 37375

Will I be notified my subscription is due? How long is a subscription good for?

You will be notified in the month following your renewal (when you are overdue). An email will be sent with the same information for payment options as above and a follow up reminder will be sent after the first notice. If your subscription remains unpaid, you will be removed from the Classifieds listing. A subscription is good for one year.

I’ve paid via PayPal how long till I start receiving the Classifieds?

Usually within 24 hours. The entire process is manual so there is some time there while we get your confirmation from PayPal and activate your account. Please also be aware we will add your PayPal email address unless you specify otherwise when you checkout. It is possible you are getting Classifieds on that address and not on the one you intended. We can resolve that by sending a note to [email protected]. If you have not received classifieds email within 48-72 hours of paying, please send a note to [email protected] with a reminder. As the process is manual we may have missed the note from PayPal and not activated your account or there maybe a deeper issue going on with your subscription.

What address do I use to send a notice to the Classifieds?

You should send your email to : [email protected]. This will get the note out to the entire list.

Can I use an email address for Classifieds that is different than my PayPal address?

Yes, please just note the address in the comments when submitting your payment and we will be glad to use that address for Classifieds. You can change your email address by sending a note to [email protected].

I contributed to the Sewanee Community Chest. Does this cover my Classifieds subscription?

No, the Community Chest is a separate non-profit entity from the SCA and Classifieds. All members of the Classifieds are considered SCA members and your payment to SCA serves as membership dues.

I cannot send emails to the Classifieds. How can I get help?

First, be aware that you can only send to the Classifieds from an email address that is listed. Please confirm you are sending from the correct email address if you are using an email client and have multiple accounts. The easiest method is to sign into your email account on the web (gmail, yahoo, etc) and try from there. If you can send from the web the issue is with your email client on your computer or mobile device. If you still cannot, and feel you are using the correct address, please send a note to [email protected] and provide as much detail regarding the issue as you can.

I stopped receiving Classifieds email but have paid my subscription. How can I get help?

The Gaggle mail system provides a convenient link/method for unsubscribing from the Classifieds. They have to do this for SPAM regulation purposes. Many users inadvertently click this link and are unsubscribed. Please send a note to [email protected] and we can look into/resolve the issue.

How large are the photos I can attach to an email?

Gaggle will support up to 10MB per file. This is more than sufficient to handle even very high-resolution stills taking on the newest cell phones and most all digital cameras.