The purpose of the Sewanee Civic Association is to foster a well-informed, harmonious, and dynamic greater Sewanee community by providing a forum for community issues and social interaction, by managing the Sewanee Community Chest and the Sewanee Classifieds, and by sponsoring projects deemed by the membership to be beneficial to the community. The association brings together community members for social and community awareness. Any adult who resides in the area and shares concerns of the community is invited to participate and become a member. Yearly dues of $10 are due in September.

From our charter: To promote and encourage the development of the general welfare and civic betterment of the community; to assist in the maintenance of the public school and school buildings, and upon proper authorization to set as the agent delegate in the management and support of the same; to take all lawful steps for the promotion of public health and the maintenance of public order; and to carry out such other common community tasks as it may lawfully undertake.

The Sewanee Civic Association is led by an executive board and is governed by the active membership. Board officers for 2023-24 are:

President, Kiki Beavers; Vice President, Ken Taylor; Treasurer, Husnain Ahmad; Secretary, Millicent Foreman; Members at Large Carl Hill, Chris McDonough, and David Michaels; Director of Classifieds, Bentley Cook.

Our bylaws were amended at the April 2020 membership meeting and can be read at this link SCA_Bylaws_April2020.

SCA Charter




State Solicitation Letter 2023


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