Sewanee Community Chest Spotlight: Sewanee Senior Citizens

The 2017-18 Sewanee Community Chest (SCC) Fund Drive is underway. Sponsored by the Sewanee Civic Association, the SCC raises money yearly for local charitable organizations serving the area. This year’s goal is $128,535 for 30 organizations that have requested basic needs funding for quality of life, community aid, children’s programs, and those who are beyond Sewanee but still serve our entire community. Currently, 60 percent of the goal has been reached in donations and pledges.

This week we shine the spotlight on the Sewanee Senior Citizens Center.

The Sewanee Senior Citizens Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. It began in 1978 with state funds from Title V for building renovations. Volunteers completed the work on the building. Part of the director’s salary at that time was paid from Franklin County Senior Citizens funding. Meals were offered through the state’s Nutrition Program (Title VII).

In 1997, the satellite relationship with Franklin County Senior Citizens became tenuous when their board voted to cease contributing to the director’s salary. The Sewanee Community Chest increased its donation. An anonymous donor remained committed to matching funds. The Center survived.

In September 2002, the Sewanee Center was excluded from the state’s Nutrition Program. Meals were available again in October 2002 when Lena McBee and Frances Lappin prepared food at home and brought it to the center for distribution. Because of their efforts and the funds received from the Franklin County Commission and the Sewanee Community Chest, the Center now has cooks. These cooks prepare more than 8,100 lunches annually.

In addition to meals for seniors and shut-ins, the Center provides various activities, which are scheduled weekly for 75 seniors and other members of the community. Activities include games, exercise groups, musical programs, blood pressure checks, reading groups and information sessions regarding nutrition and health care.

The Senior Citizens Center relies on the Community Chest for approximately 25 percent of its operating budget. Other funding for the Center comes from the Franklin County Commission, bake sales, individuals, and an annual Christmas bazaar. The Senior Citizens Center is requesting $12,000 this year to pay for the cook’s salaries and associated taxes. The cooks are the only paid staff at the Center.

The Center is open Monday through Friday. For more information, contact the Sewanee Senior Citizens Center at 598-0771, or drop by for a visit at 5 Ball Park Road. The Center always welcomes visitors and volunteers.

Since 1908, the goal of the Sewanee Community Chest has been to help citizens by funding the community. Through Community Chest donations, local organizations provide for basic needs in the community such as books, food, recreational spaces, elder care, children’s educational needs and more. The Sewanee Civic Association encourages all of you who benefit from life in the community to give generously to the Community Chest. The Sewanee Community Chest is a 501(c)(3) organization, and donations are tax deductible. Donations and pledges to the Sewanee Community Chest are accepted at any time at PO Box 99, Sewanee, TN 37375 or by clicking the PayPal button below.

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