Community Chest Sets Goal for 2013–14

The board of the Sewanee Civic Association has set the goal for this year’s Community Chest campaign.

“We received $142,250 in requests from 28 organizations,” said Theresa Shackelford, community chest steward. “These included a need for increased funding from organizations traditionally supported. We also received requests from new organizations serving our community.

The Community Chest has established a goal of $108,000 to fund these 28 organizations and initiatives. With solid participation from the community, we will be able to continue to support these organizations,” said Shackelford.

The campaign will begin on Friday, Sept. 20, at the third annual AngelFest. Association members and community chest stewards will be on hand to answer questions about the organizations and to solicit donations.

Since 1908, the Sewanee Civic Association and its precursors have believed in the power of area citizens to help sustain community projects and programs. Because of Sewanee’s non-incorporated status, the citizens have always raised money for many municipal improvements. Through these associations, the community has funded many worthwhile endeavors, such as building parks and the elementary school, helping to complete Alto Road, funding a state highway to the Marion County line and underwriting blueprints for the stone gates.

The Sewanee Community Chest has raised tens of thousands of dollars each year since 1943 for local groups that serve the common good. This money is used for annual funding, not just one-time grants. The goal of the Sewanee Community Chest is to help citizens by funding the community, which leads to a stronger quality of life for all.

The Sewanee Civic Association is the supporting entity for the Community Chest. Last year the Sewanee Community Chest, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, supported youth sports, outreach and many community and educational programs in the tri-county area, a total of $99,850 in support to 26 organizations. The Community Chest’s support does make a difference in the community.

Donations, at any amount, are accepted at any time to P.O. Box 99, Sewanee, TN 37375.

The Community Chest accepts PayPal for donations.
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