Thank You!

Because of the generosity of the community, the Sewanee Community Chest met its 2014–15 fundraising goal.

The Sewanee Civic Association is grateful to all who made a commitment to help reach the $101,000 goal for 27 local organizations. Requests to the Community Chest this year totaled approximately $128,950.

The Sewanee Civic Association organizes the volunteer led Community Chest, which raises tens of thousands of dollars yearly for local organizations that support youth sports, outreach, community and educational programs in the tri-county area. Through Community Chest funding, these organizations help those caught in the cycle of poverty, improve lives through outreach and community initiatives, and provide support for children with a variety of programs.

The money raised in the community goes directly to organizations that support the following: Community Aid, $22,650; Children, $36,500; Quality of Life, $34,600; and Beyond Sewanee, $7,250.

If you have not made your gift to the Community Chest this year, it is not too late. Any money that exceeds the goal will be used to support the mission to aid the community with yearly funding, and emergency requests as they arise. Last year, the Community Chest was able to grant an additional $10,000 in emergency funding.

The SCA board also thanks Thomas and Marilyn Phelps, Community Chest Stewards, for their work on this year’s campaign.

Projected Distributions by the Sewanee Community Chest

FOCUS                        NAME                                       GOAL

Beyond Sewanee            Animal Alliance                           $1,250
Beyond Sewanee            Blue Monarch                              $1,000
Beyond Sewanee            Franklin County Adult Activity Center       $500
Beyond Sewanee            Franklin County Humane Society   $3,000
Beyond Sewanee            Mt. Goat Trail Alliance                 $1,500
Children                       Boy Scout Troop 14                     $300
Children                       Children’s Center                         $12,000
Children                       Cub Scout Pack 152                     $800
Children                       Girl Scout Troop 2107                  $200
Children                       Girls Scout Troop 621                  $200
Children                       SES Parent Organization               $20,000
Children                       Sewanee Little League                   $2,500
Children                       TigerSharks Swim Team               $500
Community Aid            CCJP                                         $500
Community Aid            Community Action Committee      $10,500
Community Aid            Folks at Home                             $5,150
Community Aid            Grundy Area Arts Council             $500
Community Aid            Grundy County Food Bank            $1,000
Community Aid            Housing Sewanee                         $5,000
Quality of Life               Dog Park                                    $500
Quality of Life               Fourth of July Celebration             $3,000
Quality of Life               Senior Citizen’s Center                  $12,000
Quality of Life               Sewanee Angel Park                     $1,500
Quality of Life               Sewanee Chorale                          $750
Quality of Life               Sewanee Community Center          $4,500
Quality of Life               Sewanee Mountain Messenger        $11,850
Quality of Life               Thurmond Memorial Library          $500
Total                                                                            $101,000

Search this site for more information about how you can make a difference in your community, or to read about the organizations supported.

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