Elliott Park Plans


April, 2015

The playground committee, a subcommittee of the Parks section of the Sewanee Civic Association is now prepared to move forward with reviews and approvals for the Playground footprint, play elements and administrative arrangements (including funding) for the Elliott Park location, the first of the four sites that are planned for reconstruction.

While the accompanying Power Point presentation details the 3 viable options for the play elements to be included in the footprint, this document outlines a preferred option for construction arrangements and administrative procedures going forward. The latter, if approved by all parties, would be incorporated in an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) at an appropriate point.

With respect to construction of the Elliott Park playground, the committee believes the 2nd, recommended option is preferable. We may add (budget) a conifer climbing structure and some musical elements soon. The cost is roughly $65,000 although we are promised a 5% reduction as certain sales promotions enter in (depends on timing). The cost now includes equipment, installation assistance, freight and surfacing. The cost does not include, currently, the base material, retaining walls, drainage control and ADA access ramping. Both PPS and a GameTime installer are working on estimates. We are hopeful that the University and PPS might contribute, in kind, those elements to the undertaking. We might note that some of these improvements (drainage control, sidewalks etc.) are already budgeted for this FY. In addition, tree work has been agreed to by PPS as well as the provision of crushed stone for the base material .If these arrangements are acceptable to the University and the SCA membership approves on April 15, the SCA is prepared to commence fundraising. We are targeting a September 15 construction date, featuring a Community Build approach. Our community lead for this has been identified and locked in. Also, the SCA has been allocated $5000 by the Community Council as “Kickstarter” funds.

With respect to maintenance and other arrangements going forward, the committee suggests the following: 1. The University would own the asset 2. PPS would maintain (though very little in the early years) 2. The SCA would budget for material (mulch, surfacing material renewal). The maintenance of existing playground structures needs further discussion. An MOU, as mentioned, must be crafted to govern the agreed upon arrangements (similar to the Dog Park arrangements).

The SCA appreciates all the University support received thus far…particularly the PPS staff.

We look forward to a continuing solid working relationship with the University.

Stephen Burnett, Chair

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