Technical Issues with Sewanee Classifieds

Dear Classifieds Members –
We wanted to advise everyone in the group that we have been experiencing a variety of technical issues with the web platform used to house the Sewanee Classifieds. Your account may be fine – if so, we are tremendously glad. However, many are having difficulty so we wanted you all to be aware of the situation.

Please note that we have submitted technical help tickets to try and resolve the situation. If you have not received Classifieds messages recently, below are the two main issues we are dealing with, which may be the cause of your temporary non-service. Thank you for your patience and we will keep you posted. -Elizabeth Duncan, SCA Classifieds Manager

Problem Areas:

1. Daily Digest: Many of those who have signed up to receive the Classifieds via the Daily Digest option have not been receiving messages at all. Until the problem is remedied, you are encouraged to change your email setting to “Receive All E-Mail”. This will mean that the messages will be delivered into your In Box in real time as opposed to one group at the end of the day. But at least you will receive them.

2. Delivery Issues: There are several hundred members who’s email addresses have been flagged by the system as having delivery issues. We do not know why this is happening. A similar situaion occurred last fall, primarily with emails having ATT and Bellsouth addresses. It seemed that it eventually worked itself out and was perhaps part of a larger regional internet issue that was not specific to the Sewanee Classifieds. Right now, it seems to be a glitch with numerous email addresses with no obvious pattern. When the system flags addresses, there is one manual step that we can take, which we are in the process of doing now. If you receive a message to validate your email address, please do so. Once an email address is flagged numerous time – by the system, not us – the system removes if from the distribution list. We are trying to avoid this at all costs.

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