Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws

SCA BYLAWSwithappendix#2

The amendments are in blue.
Please email <[email protected]> or send a written statement to SCA PO Box 222 Sewanee by Friday, April 1, 2016 if you have questions or concerns.
Article III
Everyone can be a member without regard …
Article IV
Clarification needed as to who serves on the Board of Directors.
There was not mention of director of parks, which is a big project for the SCA right now, or the director of classifieds in this section.
Anyone should be able to be president. Right now the bylaws state the vice president succeeds the president. It should be more democratic.
Everyone should be able to serve, but there should be limits on the terms. It is not healthy for an organization to have the same members serve on the board for a great length of time.
Article V
To hold any meeting, four members of the BOD have to be present. There was a mention of the membership quorum to vote in another section. This needed to be more apparent.
Email voting – In certain instances, the board may vote on a particular item by email in lieu of a board or executive board meeting, which then will be presented to the active membership. Anything agreed upon by email will be brought up in a membership meeting and reflected in the minutes.
Article VI
Since the executive board appoints the director of parks and director of classifieds, these two positions shall be in officers and directors. These two positions should not be part of the executive board.
Article VII
Classifieds was not part of the standing committees. Committees can be formed at any time as needed and voted on by the active membership. Classifieds is a huge part of what the SCA monitors and provides to the community.
Article VIII
Clarification on voting by 2/3 active membership present at the meeting.
Article IX
In the community chest application for funding, this language for applying for and allocating funds needs to be in the bylaws.
Executive Board appoints directors and committees.
Appendix 2, Parks
Needed to add the MOU for Elliott Park and the amended MOU for the Phil White Dog Park

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