Community Chest Spotlight: Sewanee Children’s Center

The 2016–17 Sewanee Community Chest Fund Drive is underway. Sponsored by the Sewanee Civic Association, the Community Chest raises money yearly for local charitable organizations serving the area. This year’s goal is $116,850 for 26 organizations that have requested basic needs funding for quality of life, community aid, children’s programs, and those who are beyond Sewanee but still serve our entire community.

This week we shine the spotlight on the Sewanee Children’s Center.

The Sewanee Children’s Center (SCC) began in 1949. The SCC provides a high-quality preschool and after-school program to the youngest members of Sewanee and the surrounding community. SCC currently serves 43 children in both pre-school and after-school care.

The SCC will receive $12,000 to provide financial aid to the families of SCC students, broadening access for early childhood education beyond the University community. Community Chest funding will also help to serve the families of seminary students who no longer have access to Parents’ Morning Out. Financial aid is determined based upon family income and federal poverty guidelines. Already this year, the SCC has been unable to honor all of the requests for need-based financial aid received.

The SCC has also added a summer camp program. Year-round programming provides the continuity that many working families need. This also means that some of these families will require financial assistance in order to ensure their children can obtain quality summer care and learning experiences. The SCC does get revenue from tuition fees and other donations. Yearly expenses for the SCC total more than $215,000. The biggest expenses are in payroll, operating expenses and general administration. Funding from the Community Chest is approximately six percent of the SCC’s total income.

Through Community Chest funding, local organizations can help those caught in the cycle of poverty, improve quality of life through outreach and community initiatives, and provide support for children with a variety of programs. The Sewanee Community Chest is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and donations are tax-deductible. Send your donation to Sewanee Community Chest, P.O. Box 99, Sewanee, TN 37375.

Donate through, and 100 percent of the donation goes to the Sewanee Community Chest with no fees taken out. Paypal will also match the donation by 1 percent.

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